1 February 2020 - Rainer Böhm & Lutz Häfner

On 13 October 2021, the hot Jivin Art Trio ended the pandemic with a single concert.

New Jazz Magazine 2021:

"Pure jazz reimagined through the ears of one of the most playful trios out there. The notes of the Hot Jivin' Art Trio hit different with Valentin Findling on piano, Moritz Graf on bass and Flo Fischer on the drums. A whole new flavor of sound will be added by Michael Binder on the sax. What a night! What a concert!"

This concert is a must-see.

Piano: Valentin Findling

Drums: Florian Fischer

Bass: Moritz Graf

Sax: Michael Binder

On 23 July 2020, GR3ADY took to the stage of the Concrete Jungle Jazz Club to give their debut concert. A small audience got to enjoy this night of progressive jazz/pop/hiphop.

Daniel Treimer - Drums

Moritz Graf - Bass

Ben Treimer - Gitarre

Lukas Großmann - Keys

On 4 April 2020, amidst the Corona crisis, Lion Wegmann brought jazz right to everyone who was confined to their livingrooms because of this virus.

His interpretations of jazz standards are a fresh breeze of musicality; however, his own compositions open up a whole new world in jazz.

This concert is a must-see.

Pianist: Lion Wegmann

Piano: Sauter Meisterklasse 122

Micing: Bettina Ostermeyer

On 1 February 2020, Rainer Böhm and Lutz Häfner redefined Spielfreude at the Concrete Jungle Jazz Club.

The audience was privileged to experience two of Germany's greatest jazz musicians in perfect harmony on a personal level, while taking the listeners on a syncopated melodic roller coaster ride.

Rainer Böhm - Fender Rhodes

Lutz Häfner - Saxophone

16 November 2019 - Hot Jivin' Art Trio

On 16 November 2019, the Hot Jivin' Art Trio presented a fine selection of jazzy milestones of the past six decades.

Valentin Findling (keys), Morith Graf (bass) and Florian Fischer (drums) mastered the balance of a humorous walk through their show and a serious presentation of their jazz skills.

Their concert got some extra flavor, when Linda Mund (voc) joined the trio to enrich their music with her voice.

  • Keys: Valentin Findling

  • Bass: Moritz Graf

  • Drums: Flo Fischer

  • Vocals: Linda Mund